Longarm Services

We provide longarm services for all your quilting projects using only Edge to Edge (E2E) patterns.  We require customers to purchase our batting so we can ensure the top quality end product and compatibility to our Gammill Statler.  

We have started to accept quilts by mail for quilting - please keep in mind we will only use our store batting, so only mail the quilt top and backing, following the guidelines on this page.  Complete the form below for a price quote on edge to edge quilting & batting; we do require prepayment for mail orders, so Amanda will prepare a custom item for you to purchase online prior to shipping your quilt.  There is a flat $15 fee for mailing the quilt back to you priority mail which will be included in your price.  Please proceed to pay and send in your quilt to the address provided. You will be notified once it is received.

Quilts are quilted on a first come first serve basis so once you fill out your form ship off your quilt ASAP (ship it in 3 or less days with tracking if possible like a priority mailer)  to ensure it is placed in line accordingly.

We have a current turnaround time of 8 weeks - we may be able to complete your quilt before that time but 8 weeks is the guaranteed turnaround timeframe. 

Please note at this time, we are NOT accepting quilt tops that have any embellishments such as buttons, embroidery or other raised embellishments that could interfere with the quilting process.  This includes t-shirts, children's clothes, loom-work, minky or anything that is not 100% Quilting cotton.  We are not working on flannel quilts at this time - they are very linty.

Pieced backing that requires us to align the quilt top to will require an additional $20 fee.

You quilt Top AND Backing MUST be pressed before bringing it to the shop - if we determine either need pressed prior to quilting, there is a $20 pressing fee.  Your quilt Backing MUST be cut at least 6" wider on each side AND at the top and bottom than your quilt top - so at least 12" wider and 12" longer than your quilt top.  Failure to allow for overage may result in rejection of the project because it will interfere with the machine.

Your completed quilt will be trimmed to the quilt top edge, unless specified otherwise.  We will trim to the quilt top edge but are NOT responsible for squaring up your quilt, only for trimming to what was provided.
We have a $50 minimum on all machine quilting jobs and a $20 charge for rush jobs/deadlines under 4 weeks.
Thread Options:

You can view Available Edge to Edge patterns here.

Quilting Density Price per Sq Inch Description
Loose - "As Shown" Standard as indicated in Pricing Sheet - $.015-$0.3/sq inch This is loose quilting that generally leaves open areas up to 4" square or larger if you choose a different scale than "As shown."
Moderate add 1/2 cent ($0.005/sq inch) to standard price This is moderate quilting with open areas up to 3" square.
Dense add 1 cent ($0.01/sq inch) to standard price This is dense edge to edge with open areas up to 2" square.

Please complete and submit the form below. Amanda will contact you shortly to confirm information and provide an estimate of cost.



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