The Quilting Bea

Yardage sold in half yard increments

All of our yardage is sold, and priced, in half-yard increments. A quantity of 1 is for 1/2 yard. A quantity of 2 is 1 yard, etc... If you purchase a quantity of 2 or more, the yardage will be one continuous cut. We cut fat quarters for ALL of our yardage - and you can order them online! Simply include a note with the SKU listed for the fabrics you need a fat quarter for in the cart notes and we'll get those shipped off to you lickety split!

Who Are We?

Stepping into this fabric shop feels like one is entering a world where creativity knows no bounds. Rows of vibrant fabrics, neatly stacked bolts, and intricate patterns adorn the shelves, inspiring visitors to embark on their next quilting adventure. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with friendly staff members and mother/daughter owners eager to assist both seasoned quilters and newcomers alike. Whether seeking supplies, guidance, or simply a space to connect with fellow enthusiasts, The Quilting Bea in Massillon, Ohio offers an unforgettable experience for all who enter its doors.

Enjoy the Little Things!

Dan DiPaolo's rustic elegance and poignant sayings elevate everyday celebrations in Enjoy the Little Things fabric collection. With gorgeous watercolor depictions of meadow flowers, these fabrics are meant for quilts that honor friendship and family ties. Or bring it to your table with super simple place mats and coasters made from the panel.

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