Fabric Cuts

How do you cut your half-yard increments - will I have separate 1/2 yard cuts?

We are happy to offer half-yard increments to our customers but rest assured - we will cut the fabric in one continuous length until the full length of your order is fulfilled.  So, if you order 7 half-yards (quantity of 7), you will receive 3 1/2 yards in one continuous piece.  This will happen even if you first order 2 yards (quantity of 4) of Fabric X and then go back and add 1/2 a yard (quantity of 1) of Fabric X to your cart, we will cut 2 1/2 yards.  If for some reason, you need us to cut the fabric separately, please contact us BEFORE placing your order or note as such in the Notes area provided as you check out.


What is a 'Fat-Quarter'?

Great question and a common one! We will offer fat quarters, from time to time, of select fabrics.  A 'Fat Quarter' is typically 18" X 22" of fabric, derived from cutting a half-yard (18" X 44") from the bolt of fabric.  That half-yard is then cut in half on its short side - resulting in an 18" X 22" piece of that fabric.


What is a 'Jelly Roll'?

A Jelly Roll is a roll of typically 42 to 44 strips of fabric, 2.5" wide and anywhere from 40" to 44" in length, offering you a sampling of all of the designs available in a particular designer's collection.  Jelly Roll's can be a great way to kickstart your quilting hobby - visit our Pinterest page for inspiration and some of our favorite Jelly Roll patterns.


Can I get a sample swatch?

Because we are ordering limited quantities from several collections and Fabric Houses, we are unable to provide sample swatches.  If you have any questions about a particular fabric, please contact us at


Can I buy Wholesale?

The Quilting Bea is a boutique fabric store and does not work with wholesale accounts.  If there is a particular fabric you are interested in buying in bulk, please contact us and we may be able to assist you with a discount.

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