What's In a Name?


We've had a lot of people ask about our name. 

Of course, a most common event amongst quilters is the quilting bee, where a group of people get together to work on a quilt.  In today's day and age, and especially with the Covid-19 pandemic, these meetings have gone virtual, but you can find online quilting bees across the globe.

We wanted to play off that concept, and knew we needed a mascot who would exemplify our playful approach to our craft and our store.  After all, as any quilter knows, it's easy to get lost in the details (and rip a few seams out) in any quilting project, so we stress that quilting is first-and-foremost to be ENJOYED!

Mom kept playing around with a drawing of a cute bee and we brainstormed on how to incorporate the bee into our name.  We named her Beatrice, or Bea for short.  Eureka!  We had our name - The Quilting Bea, with Beatrice the Bee as our mascot.

Bea will be directing you to the week's featured fabric, our latest news and workshop schedule and other buzzworthy items as they arise.

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