Miss Rosie’s Cupcake Recipe - Charm Pack Tool


We just received some cupcake (charm pack) and cake (layer cake) recipe booklets from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co.   I made a quick tutorial for using them and tricks for cutting.  For both the cupcake and cake recipes, you get enough sheets for two charm packs (or two layer cakes) plus a couple extra sheets for any oops moments :-)

You want some flat-head pins to pin the paper to each RST + 1 sheet sandwhich that you make.  You simply sew on the dotted lines, then trim to size, starting with trimming edges first.  You can continue to cut the shapes as indicated by the solid lines on the sheet or keep yourself to two 4 3/4” X 4 3/4” half-square triangles.  If you cut all the shapes as indicated, you will have 4 ~ 2” squares, and 4 ~ 2” HTS (I keep referring to these as half-square triangles because apparently, I want to follow the alphabet instead of say half-triangle squares!)  Measurements are unfinished sizes, by the way.

We have two varieties of the cupcake recipes for charm packs (or for use with 5” squares) and four varieties of the cake recipes for layer cakes (or 10” squares).

Watch our video for our sneak peak of this process!




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