Amanda's Craft Corner with Links to Favorite Organizing Tools - 2023 Update!


I was recently in Wilmington, NC visiting my girlfriend who is also a Professional Organizer and she was asking about how I organize my sewing/crafting area because she had a new client who was a sewer.  So, while I started this video specifically for her, I thought everyone might benefit!  Links to my organizing tools and favorite craft items are below!  

YouTube Tour of Amanda's Craft Corner

What do you use / can't live without in your craft room?  Drop a comment below or on Facebook or Instagram!


Command Clear-Backed Small Wire Toggle Hooks

Command White-Backed Small Wire Toggle Hooks

Set of Four Different-Sized Mason Jars

Farmhouse Chic Lazy Susan

Everyday Lazy Susan

Decorative Lazy Susan

On my Wishlist! Card Catalogue Tabletop Organizer

Basic Bamboo Tabletop Organizer

Omnigrid Wooden Ruler Organizer

Pilot Frixon Erasable Pens

Two-Sided Thread Organizer Box

Plastic Boxes for Fabric Mini Bolts with Dividers

Magazine Board for Mini Bolts (cut these in half)

Shirt Clips for Mini Bolts

Black & Decker Easy Steam Iron – We also use in our shop

Tool Organizer that is great for turning tools, marking pens, seam rippers, etc…

Amanda’s Favorite Singer Seam Ripper – Rubber Tip Brushes Away Threads



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